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    Custom designed and built by Darren Mullan @producernerd

    Constructed in 2014, the state of the art 'home studio' designed by Darren Mullan is built into his residence in Highbury.

    Nestled on the slopes adjacent to the picturesque Adelaide hills, ARS is away from the stress of the city and only 40min from the Adelaide Airport.

    At the core of the studio is a MAC-based digital recording system utilising world standard software including

    Logic Pro X

    Harrison MixBus

    Ableton Live

    Melodyne Studio

    Premier Pro

    Audio capability is up to 24bit 96K audio and record up to 32 simultaneous audio tracks (24bit/48k).

    Main monitoring is via Active pairs

    KRK V6

    EVENT 20/20 bas V3

    and Passive pairs



    JBL Control 1 PRO


    Voice recording, acoustic instruments, piano, guitars or full band, Adelaide Recording Studios can organise the best possible space to suit the project.

    Besides our world famous Highbury facility we utilise external studios and spaces to find the absolute best fit for your needs. It's all part of the service. We are especially renowned for our vocal recording quality and can capture the best out of your voice no matter what style.


    A who's who of professional studio session players are at your disposal at competitive rates to ensure your project sounds world class. Visit our FAQ section for more or send a message to our in-house producer here.

    Producer DARREN MULLAN

  • About Us


    Studio Director (Producer, Performer, Sound Engineer, Visionary)

    Darren is the designer and principle producer at ARS. A digital content professional specialising in musical artists.
    Co-founder and producer of the famous ‘Hindley Street Country Club’ YouTube sensation from South Australia.
    Father, influencer and proud producernerd.

    To Darren everything is content. The artist and the music brand are of upmost importance and his focus is always on maximum success using all of his knowledge and experience as a producer and music marketing guru.

  • Music Content Creation

    The most important part of your music release





    Each artist or project needs a different creative approach and we can colour and setup the spaces to get your audience’s attention.


    Recording and Filming



    With over 100 video releases we have the know-how and equipment to capture you and deliver great looking AND sounding content.





    We’ll help you deliver the finished product and boost your online profile and fan interaction from the very first post.

  • Our Work

    Hindley Street Country Club

    Sonic Divide


    Jac Dalton

    River Lane

    The Scarabs


    Bill Parton Trio

  • FAQs

    What styles of music do you specialise in?

    I have experience in most musical styles and years of experience as a singer, performer and keyboard player. I work a lot with songwriters and indie acts and have good rock producing chops. I prefer not to produce metal or rap but have talented friends who can help you out.

    Lately I've got international recognition for live (in studio) performance filming and recording. Great for creating content for your fans!

    I'm the guy to help make you look and sound great. It's my job!

    How much will it cost?

    To meet and chat with me at the studio is absolutely free and I recommend it if you can. Email or call to make an appointment. My hourly rate is $100 (minimum 1 hour) and a 7 hour day is $600, or $500 per day if your project requires more than one.

    I can supply official quotes for arts grant submissions and can negotiate a per-song price if preferred.

    Payment is due on the day of your session.

    I have recorded my music myself. Can you professionally mix it for me?

    Yes mixing is part of my service but the quality of the mix can be determined by the quality of the recording. The price of this type of mix can be determined quickly once I see the data and hear the individual tracks. You can easily get the data to me via yousendit, wetransfer, dropbox or similar file transfer sites.

    Will you master my tracks?

    Even after many years of recording, producing and mixing music, I don’t pretend that I am a mastering engineer. Mastering is a specialised and very important part of music production and I can recommend a mastering house for you. You should be putting aside approx $100 for each song as a mastering cost.

    What do I need to do to prepare for my studio session?

    With the right planning and preparation you can get the best value and result from your studio time. As a producer, I’m focussed on reaching your goal (e.g. completing recording, editing or mixing of a certain number of songs) in time and on budget. Your preparation can change the rate at which a song comes together.

    If your material is unfinished, or your instrument or voice is not in good condition it could effect your ‘bang for buck’.

    A good producer is a musician, songwriter, arranger, singer and computer geek all in one. He or she is there to help get the best possible result for you but you are best to prepare using this checklist.


    Charts and lyrics can be emailed to the studio in advance and displayed on tablets rather than paper to eliminate the paper noise but it’s good to have hard copies and a pen/pencil to mark parts and write any notes.


    Instruments like guitars will sound better with new strings. Bring your best sounding instruments with a spare set of strings, picks and a tuner. You can never tune ‘too often’. With electric instruments bring your best cables and any pedals or processors needed to achieve ‘your’ sound.


    Singers please get as much sleep as possible before the session and if you have limited time be already warmed up. Arrive with any special drinks and a large water bottle.

    My studio has tea and coffee and can refill you if you’re ok with tap water.

    A snack or meal if you’re in for the whole day (sometimes it’s best to step out for food to relax and reset while the producer or engineer does any tedious tasks).


    Remember, bring a USB drive for any data and have a great time!

    What is the usual process of producing a song or album?

    Record basic demos first. Whether you’re solo, band or group, it is usual that a pre production demo (a rough recording) is created of each song. These rough recordings are important to hone the arrangement, key and tempo as well as instrumentation.

    Soloists can record them acoustically with a simple home setup or just a mobile phone. For a band this can be done anywhere including live performance or rehearsal room. Otherwise i can create a quick version of a few songs in one session along with a ‘guide’ vocal.


    Once the pre production demos are done, we discuss and plan the recording session or sessions.

    Other studios may be utilised to track some instruments but I can accommodate a basic band in my own studio. I tend to track the final vocals with the singer separately and then mix the record myself when possible.

    Can we go live to social media?

    It is my specialty to make you look and sound awesome when you go live. The studio is a funky modern space with lots of different lighting and colour options so it’s easy to create a custom look for your live performance.

    Can I film parts of the studio session?

    Filming the recording process is not only possible but I would insist that you do. Your fans love to see the creation process and videos are a great promotional tool for social media or to keep for later viewing. The main vocal booth has a fixed camera fed from the headphone input so it always sounds great. I specialise in great sounding studio videos.

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    Mon-Fri 9.30AM til 5.30PM
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